Private Inventor

You have an idea. We understand your level of personal investment and commitment to this idea. We are just as committed as you.

To determine if your idea is unique, you need to conduct an intellectual property or IP search using the services of a reputable search firm. Before hiring a firm, you should consider a company’s capability, commitment, cost of service and client service.

WashPat has over 25 years of experience providing search services and is adept at using targeted industry search methodologies to meet your need in a timely and cost-effective manner. We help private inventors navigate the IP process in four (4) steps:

Step 1

A WashPat patent searcher will conduct a pre-search telephone interview with you to find out more about your idea.

Step 2

During this conversation we will ask you to provide us with a brief summary of your invention, including photos or documentation which describe your idea. This is known as your invention “disclosure.”

Step 3

WashPat will conduct an Intellectual Property (IP) search to identify patents similar to your invention. Results are provided to you electronically within 7 business days (standard) or can be expedited for an additional fee.

Step 4

Your WashPat searcher will contact directly to discuss the results, answer questions and talk about next steps.

As part of your extended team, your complete satisfaction is our goal. All work performed on behalf of the client is strictly confidential and covered by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Click here for a copy of our NDA.